The Cornerstone Gallery is an extension of Cornerstone Worship Center and exists as a venue for the display of artwork to the community in Downtown Nampa.  Cornerstone Gallery is made available to artists who desire to display their artwork for the appreciation of the Nampa community, and its surrounding area.

Cornerstone Gallery does not seek to discriminate or censor the work of any artist but will not show in its gallery space any artwork determined to be profane or which actively promotes any religion apart from Christianity. Cornerstone Gallery is an integrated space within the worship gathering area of Cornerstone Worship Center and is therefore an influential attribute to the celebration of worship during service gatherings for the church.

Sunday morning worship services at Cornerstone are gatherings of people of all ages and are open to a wide variety of expressions or worship. For this reason certain considerations or limitation on specific pieces of artwork may be imposed for the mutual benefit of providing a healthy environment for Cornerstone Worship Center gatherings on Sunday mornings and for preserving the assurance of safety for the work of the artist.