Name: Erica Kafka – Gallery Director

Bio: Art moves me, from the first organized scribbles of small children to the intricate imagery of a mature artist.  We take in beauty all around us and I love to see how that works out on paper, in music, onto canvas, into clay…  I want to be an encourager of the arts in our community, creating opportunity for people to participate in the beauty that is going on in this valley.



Name: Jonathan Griffiths – Pastoral Liaison

Bio: Jonathan is lead pastor at Cornerstone Worship Center and is helping lead Cornerstone Gallery as a center for the arts in Nampa, ID. He is somewhat surprised to find himself engaged in the visual arts, especially since his own capacity for artistic expression in a visual medium is limited to dressing within acceptable color boundaries.

That being said, he has a growing appreciation and understanding of the arts, and is passionate for excellence and expression.